Bhutan for Foodies

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Bhutan for Foodies

Private Group Tour
12 Days from AU$16,888

Culinary exploration of street food and culture in Himalayan Bhutan

12 Days in Bhutan from AU$16,888

Bhutan gourmet adventure that balances spicy cuisine with tree-lined trails. Himalayan cooking embraces many influences from Tibet to India, and we'll get to explore it all in detail from farmers markets to grandma's chilli-cheese.

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What Makes This Trip Special

One of the most unique culinary adventures we’ve ever designed, Bhutan embraces influences from India to Tibet. A fascinating place to explore the Himalayas, the culture and the cuisine. You’ll be travelling with a local chef Tashi Dendup and our gourmet escort Shellie Froidevaux for the duration of your tour. Tashi and Shellie will be cooking up some treats plus sharing insights into the Bhutanese way of life.

We’ll take walks through rhododendron forests, spend two days at a cultural festival and eat with the local people. An optional hike up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is also included. We do have some gentle hikes throughout the itinerary, taking in the stunning Himalayan scenery and some pristine wilderness, but the main focus will be gourmet culture: Street food, traditional cooking and produce of the Himalayas.

Itinerary & Highlights

Arrival in Paro & Thimphu
– Our team will collect you and the rest of the group at Paro Airport
– All meals are included during the tour
– Buddha Dordenma Picnic Breakfast
– Thimphu Forest Walk
– Momos in the capital

– Rice Harvest and Rice Puffs
– Taxi Stop Chicken Curry
– Monks at Punakha Dzong
– Farmhouse Lunch & River Walk

Phobjikha Valley
– Lawa La Descent into Phobjikha (3100m)
– Picnic lunch amongst the Rhododendrons
– Suja ceremony with the Potato Farmers
– Ema-Datsi and Mushroom Lunch
– Phobjikha Valley Nature Trail (2900m)
– Ezay and and Momo Cooking Class
– Monks at Gangtey Gompa

Haa Valley
– Travel day to reach Haa Valley
– Chilli Chop Lunch Stop
– Haa Summer Festival
– Dancing, Exhibitions, Food Stalls
– Buckwheat and Hoentay Dinner
– Yak Cheese and Rhododendrons

– Blue Poppies at Chele La (3400m)
– Mushroom Farm
– Dhal Bhat from the South
– Blessing with the Monks
– Tiger’s Nest Day Hike (3100m)

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Bhutan for Foodies

12 Days – Starts and finishes in Paro
Twin Share AU$16,888
Single Room +$1,480
Group Size: 10
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Please read the brochure for full itinerary details, accommodation and extras included in the tour.

FAQ for Bhutan

Are Travellers Allowed Into Bhutan?

Since September 2022 there are no restrictions on vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers coming to Bhutan.

How Long Have you Been Running Tours to Bhutan?

It's been thirteen years since Ewen and Shellie first started guiding trips to Bhutan. Their favourite season is winter when the air is cool and dry in the mountains and you can enjoy the sunshine all day and cool air at night.

How Much Cash Do I Need?

Not much at all. All meals, permits and ground transport are covered already. If you're not buying much in the way of souvenirs then $20 for a sim card and maybe another $50 for drinks should cover the basics. We also provide a more detailed "Pre-Departure Pack" when you book in the tour.

What Shoes Are Good Shoes?

Solid walking boots with high ankle support is a good option, or "trail runners" that are designed to provide superior cushioning for arthritic conditions, but also excellent traction on uneven terrain. We don't do heavy walks on the Be Your Best tours, but we do expect to travese dusty and rocky trails.

How Hard is Tiger's Nest Hike

This is the really tough one. Anyone can do it, you just need to take your time and don't rush it. The trail is steep on the way up, and the final section is mostly stairs. Coming back down at the end of the day can be tough if you have knee trouble. We offer an alternate day out for those who want to sit out the Tigere's Nest.

How Cosy Is The Accommodation?

Very cosy indeed. Bhutan is plentiful with trees and hydro-electricity, and everywhere we stay you can expect either a log fire that turns the room into a sauna, or electric panels that offer more regulated control of warmth. Often we get the benefits of both.

Do We Have Electricity Every Night

Yes. Everywhere we travel is good for electricity, although the supply can drop out for hours at a time. Charging camera batteries or a laptop each day is never a problem.

Will I Have Mobile and Internet Access?

Yes there is mobile service at every place we stay on the tour, which typically works better than hotel wifi. Very few international roaming services operate in Bhutan however, so we provide a local SIM card at no extra cost to our travellers.

How Do I Get A Visa?

We take care of that for you too. Our ground team handle visa applications and you'll have an electronic confirmation of your visa before departing for Paro.

What Flights Options Are There?

Usually we require travellers to arrive on the same flight at the start of the tour. Druk Air fly to only a few destinations and traditionally we have used Bangkok (Thailand) as our meeting up point for the tours. If need be we can route you via Singapore, Delhi or Kathmandu instead.

Email for a Chat

If you have any questions, just drop us a line and we can make a time to chat over Zoom or come see us in Melbourne CBD for a chat and a coffee :)