Essential Everest

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Essential Everest

Private Group Tour
11 Days from AU$22,380

Sky high in the Himalayas travelling from Kathmandu to the highest mountain in the world. Trek free.

11 Days in Nepal from AU$22,380

If you only ever visit Nepal once in your life, make it this trip. From the streets of Kathmandu to the forests of Shivapuri, to the Sagarmatha National Park and the highest mountain in the world. Nepal at its best.

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What Makes This Trip Special

If you’ve dreamed of visiting Mount Everest but know you don’t want to climb it, this might be the trip for you. We make the most of helicopter services to get us up close to Everest, and explore some stunning valleys in the Sagarmatha region. The tour design moves gradually through the elevations to ensure you don’t suffer from moving too high too fast.

Before we head towards our views of Everest this tour gives you a close up look at what makes Kathmandu unique. We visit some amazing cultural treasures and taste a variety of Nepalese cuisines. We then head north of the city and deep into the forests to connect with beautiful rivers and lush jungles. For two nights we stay on the doorstep of the Himalayas, high above the valley and with views to Langtang.

This itinerary is absolutely unique. There are genuine moments of adventure, very intimate connections to the local culture, and a variety of accommodation standards.

Itinerary & Highlights

Arrival in Kathmandu
– Our team will collect you at Kathmandu Airport
– All meals and transport are included during the tour

Kathmandu City (1400m)
– Morning at Swayambunath to greet the sun
– An introduction to Newari and Sherpa cuisine
– Sunset at Boudhanath for Tibetan prayers

Shivapuri (2200m)
– Meet the nuns of Nagigumba
– Jeep drive through the National Park
– Cabins at 2200m with views of Langtang
– Village walks to meet Tamang community

Lukla (2800m)
– Jeeps and a plane to reach the famed town of Lukla
– Acclimation for two nights
– Meet the local yaks and coffee shops

Syangboche (3880m)
– Helicopter transfer to Everest View Hotel
– Acclimation and explore local villages
– Scenic heli-touring of Sagarmatha region (5,100m)
– Return to Kathmandu by helicopter

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Essential Everest

11 Days – Starts and finishes in Kathmandu
Twin Share AU$22,380
Single Room +$1,000
Group Size: 6
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This tour is available only for private groups. Price may vary according to group size.

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FAQ for Nepal

How Long Have you Been Running Tours to Nepal?

It's been thirteen years since Ewen and Shellie first started guiding trips to Nepal. Their favourite season is winter when the air is cool and dry in the mountains, giving clear views of snow-capped mountains.

How Much Cash Do I Need?

Not much at all. All meals, permits and ground transport are covered already. If you're not buying much in the way of souvenirs then $20 for a sim card and maybe another $50 for drinks should cover the basics. We also provide a more detailed "Pre-Departure Pack" when you book in the tour.

Are The Walks Hard?

No, most of the walking is very very easy. There are a few steep bits that are very short, but we also have the added impact of a little altitude in the mix. So we do everything gentle, and every walk is optional.

What Shoes Are Good Shoes?

Solid walking boots with high ankle support is a good option, or "trail runners" that are designed to provide superior cushioning for arthritic conditions, but also excellent traction on uneven terrain. We don't do heavy walks on the Be Your Best tours, but we do expect to traverse dusty and rocky trails.

How Cold Are The Guesthouses?

Very cold. We travel on the edges of winter and the night air can drop to zero degrees. Guesthouses are energy poor and offer no heating, so we supply sleeping bags for additional warmth where necessary. Some people feel the cold more than others, while some people get too warm inside the sleeping bags. Please note that not all our itineraries travel to higher elevations or use trekkers guesthouses.

Do We Have Electricity Every Night

Yes. Everywhere we travel is good for electricity, although the supply can drop out for hours at a time. Charging camera batteries or a laptop each day is never a problem.

Will I Have Mobile and Internet Access?

Yes there is mobile networks at every place we stay on the tour. The networks do vary so roaming connections may vary also. We recommend a local sim-card for cheap internet access as hotel internet is often slow.

How Do I Get A Visa?

We supply all travellers with a detailed Pre-Departure Pack when they book for a tour, which includes how to apply for "Visa on Arrival" and a lot of other information such as help with packing. For more general information we recommend you read through the brochure shown below.

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If you have any questions, just drop us a line and we can make a time to chat over Zoom or come see us in Melbourne CBD for a chat and a coffee :)