FAQ for Travel Agents

Slow Travel is the Best Travel

FAQ for Travel Agents

Be Your Best Tours works closely with travel agents to ensure they are supported as best we can, and to help us make the best efforts to care for their travellers.

FAQ for Travel Agents

Agent Liaison

Ewen Bell is your contact at Be Your Best Tours, dedicated to helping agents support their clients. Email with ewen@beyourbest.tours or via mobile and WhatsApp on +61 438 896 228.

Commission on Bookings

10% commission is offered to travel agents.

Promotional Support for Agencies

We have an ever expanding media library of professionally shot video and stills, and can supply co-branded content to complement your marketing efforts.

Private Groups

We sometimes do groups as small as 2, but usually a minimum of 5.

Once A Year

Each itinerary is scheduled just once a year. We choose the best time of year for each departure, and leave a little room for occasional Private Groups.

Druk Air Flights

If you have access to Druk Air through your usual reservations systems, we are happy for agents to book the Paro flights for their clients. Our ground team in Bhutan have a close working relationship with the Druk Air team, so we can also offer full service on the Paro tickets if Druk Air is not visible in your reservation system.

Just Bhutan and Nepal?

The Himalayas is the home of our “Slow Travel” concept, but we do have expertise in other regions too. Scandinavian Arctic, South-East Asia, Australian Outback and even Kenya are places we have run specialised tours in the past. If we are a good fit for your private group we will consider quoting for one-off packages outside of Bhutan and Nepal.