Friends & Family

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Friends & Family

Gather together 4 or more travellers in your circle of friend & family, and we'll look at setting up the best tour to suit you.

Share the journey with your favourite people in the world!

Most of our tours are planned well advance with specific tour dates, and are open for anyone to join. Sometimes, however, we run unique departures limited to a special group of people. If you have some family and a few friends who would enjoy one of our itineraries, but on a date that suits you best, then we might be able to help.

Gather together 4 or more travellers in your circle of favourites and we’ll look at setting up a tour just for you guys.

Every time we’ve done this it’s been a real joy. Not only do you get to spend quality time sharing a magnificent experience with your favourite humans, but we get a chance to tweak parts of the itinerary to better suit your needs. Maybe your circle wants to do less walking in Kathmandu Valley and little more photography in the Annapurna’s? Maybe they would enjoy a couple of cooking classes while visiting remote villages in Bhutan? Perhaps we can take you on a tour that doesn’t even exist yet, like a gourmet twist on our Arctic Norway Aurora Chase?

Tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make the trip your best.

Our experience with customised itineraries includes the following:
– Nepal walking, photography, gourmet and even yoga retreats.
– Bhutan gourmet, festivals, luxury escapes and photography.
– Textiles, cuisine and morning monks in Luang Prabang (Laos).
– Icelandic glaciers, geysers and gourmet cooking.
– Arctic Norway for Auroras, day hikes, cookbooks and snowmobiles.
– Sami festivals and Northern Lights in Arctic Sweden.
– Kenyan safaris for photographers and wildlife lovers.
– Farmhouse escapes in country Victoria, Australia.