Slow Photography

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Slow Photography

Ewen Bell has been running photography adventures for nearly 20 years now. A love of photography is what brought Ewen deeper into the world of travel.

After 15 years of running tours, Ewen’s most trusted advice for travellers and photographers alike is “Go Slow”.

You can’t engage with a subject if you’re in a rush. You won’t have time to connect. You won’t find opportunities to “get closer”. The more you get to know your subject, the more your photos can reveal about them. It all begins with “Go Slow”.

Ewen still runs a couple of photo tours each year, with the help of some talented friends. Scandinavia, the Himalayas and the Australian Outback are the places Ewen keeps going back to. They’re also the places that taught him the value of travel, and travelling slowly. After years of shooting brochures for other tour companies Ewen saw what does and does not benefit the traveller – for photography or otherwise.

As a young fella Ewen felt lucky to see anything of the world, and was happy to chase his wanderlust wherever it might take him. In years past Ewen has led trips in China, Myanmar, Malaysia, Bhutan, India, Antarctica, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Kenya. Today he’s happier to return to just a handful of places, and enjoy the company of those friends he’s made along the way.

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